One course from the following list as offered:

ANTH 211 Anthropology of Race (3)

Explores why current vernacular understandings of “race” and scientific understandings of “race” diverge so dramatically. Looks at the long history of scientific (mis)understandings of human biological diversity. Interrogates why racialist thinking has been a fundamental component of a western cultural world view.

ANTH 212 Anthropology of Gender (3)

The anthropological approach to gender: cultural definition and social status of female and male; other genders; theories of gender definition and gender hierarchy.

ANTH 371GG Medical Anthropology (3)

Concentrates on an important anthropological topic not otherwise covered in the curriculum; comprehensive readings and discussion. Choice of topic reflects both student and instructor interests.

PSYC 301 Social Psychology (3)

Individual behavior in a social context; attitudes; social influence; attribution; prejudice and discrimination; prosocial behavior and aggression.

SOCG 304 Social Stratification (3)

Analysis of class, race, and gender inequality in U.S. society. The nature and consequences of social stratification and power in modern society.

SOCG 315 Gender and Society (3)

Sociological study of gender differentiation in American society, with an emphasis on major social institutions and social change.

SOCG 331 the Family (3)

Historical changes in American patterns of marriage, divorce, and child rearing; social class, racial, and ethnic variation; and alternative family forms.

SOCG 334 Medical Sociology (3)

The relationship of disease and health to social structure and culture. Organizational and role analysis of the medical care industry, various allied health professions, and alternative approaches to coping with health and illness.

SOCG 335 Global Issues in Health and Illness (3)

Analyze problems of health, illness, inequality, and care at the global level. Examine health care systems and health promotion in comparative perspective. Explore how social forces shape individual and group health behaviors and illness experiences in various structural and cultural contexts. Emphasis on health rights as human rights.

SOCG 371U Death and Society (3)

Major concepts or points of view in contemporary sociology with an emphasis on discussion. Topic varies.

SOCG 400 Sociology of the Body (3)

How are bodies socially constructed? Seminar examines social, particularly feminist, theories of embodiment. Central questions consider how bodies are sexed/gendered, racialized, ethicized, aged, sexualized, classed, sickened/cured, and otherwise modified through social processes.

SOCG 421B Race and Ethnic Relations (3)

Major concepts or points of view in contemporary sociology with an emphasis on discussion. Topic varies.